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Team Finland

The Team Finland network promotes Finland's external economic relations and country brand, the internationalisation of Finnish companies as well as foreign investment directed at Finland. Its aim is to intensify cooperation between Finnish players in these sectors.

The core of the Team Finland network consists of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as the publicly funded organisations and overseas networks whose performance they oversee. The Team Finland network is steered by the Government. More than 70 local teams around the world handle its activities abroad.

Fundamental changes in the global economy have led to a situation in which the well-being of Finns depends ever more strongly on matters outside Finland's borders. We must be able to influence the operating environment abroad, and to support the making of choices abroad that are advantageous to us. We can accomplish this best through cooperation.

Contact persons for Team Finland in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador

Coordinator for Political, Economic & Commercial Affairs María Ruuskanen

Phone: +51 1 222 4466
Embassy of Finland, Lima

Contact person in Peru
Finpro commercial office director Jorge Fernández Gates
Ambassador Mika Koskinen

Team Finland partners in Peru

  • Embassy of Finland, Lima
  • Finpro (website under construction)
  • Honorary Consulates of Finland in the Andean region

Objectives of the Team Finland network in Peru

The network's main goal is to increase the presence of Finnish companies in Peru, Colombia, and certain areas in Ecuador and Bolivia. From the Finnish companies' point of view, the most interesting sectors are mining, infrastructure, forest and paper technologies, education, health, food and retail trade, energy and the environment as well as information technology.

The growth of the "Latin American tigers", Peru and Colombia, has been notable and Finnish companies have shown increasing interest in these countries. Team Finland Peru's goal is to promote Finnish commercial interests through seminars, export promotion trips to Peru and Colombia, official trips to Finland and offering services to companies.

Finland's high standing in various international rankings, such as those related to competitiveness, transparency, innovation and education, are well known in Peru. Finnish development cooperation projects in the region are also well known. In addition to our commercial links, cultural exchange between Peru and Finland has been active.

The Embassy strives to promote the image of Finland as a "knowledge society" through its website, social media as well as through different brochures and publications.

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